1000hr Service Pack Huski 4SDK4

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 Huski 4SDK4 1000hr Service Pack

When your Huski  4SDK4 hits the 1000-hour mark, it’s time for a thorough service to keep it running smoothly and reliably. This service is crucial for extending the life of your machine and ensuring it performs optimally.

  1. Engine Oil and Filter Change: Replace engine oil and oil filter to ensure engine runs smoothly.
  2. Fuel Filter Replacement: Replace the fuel filters to prevent clogging and maintain fuel efficiency.
  3. Air Filter Inspection and Replacement: Check and possibly replace air filters to ensure clean airflow to the engine.
  4. Hydraulic Oil and Filter Change: Replace hydraulic oil and filters to keep hydraulic systems running efficiently.
  5. Coolant Flush and Replacement: Flush and replace the coolant system to prevent overheating and corrosion.
  6. Transmission Fluid and Filter Change: Replace transmission fluid and filter to maintain transmission health.
  7. Drive Chain and Sprockets Inspection: Check drive chains and sprockets for wear and proper tension.
  8. Tire Inspection and Pressure Adjustment: Inspect tires for wear and damage, and adjust pressure as necessary.
  9. Battery Check and Cleaning: Test battery and clean terminals to ensure reliable starts and electrical function.
  10. Brake System Check: Inspect brakes for wear and proper operation.
  11. Lubrication of All Grease Points: Grease necessary points to reduce friction and wear.
  12. Safety System Check: Inspect safety features like lights, alarms, and operator restraint systems.

Additional Considerations

  • Belt Inspection and Replacement: Inspect belts for wear and replace if necessary.
  • Inspect and Clean Radiator and Oil Cooler: Check for debris and cleanliness to ensure efficient operation.
  • Structural Inspection: Check for any structural damage or wear that might affect the machine’s integrity and safety.

1000-Hour Service Pack Items

1 x Oil Filter C8036
1 x Fuel Filter F5207
1 x Inline Fuel Filter FS7909
1 x Air Filter FAS54123
1 x Hydraulic A411G15

Fluids Required (not supplied)
ISO 68 Hydraulic Fluid
Diesel Engine Oil 15w 40
Extended Life Coolant (ELC)

These lists provide a general guide and should be adapted based on the manufacturer's specific recommendations, as found in the service manual. To ensure your Huski 4SDK4 operates optimally, always use genuine parts and follow the recommended service intervals and procedures as closely as possible. If you do not have access to a manual or require specific part numbers, contacting a dealer or the manufacturer directly will be beneficial. They can provide tailored advice and ensure you have the most accurate information for maintaining your equipment.