100hr Service Pack Kubota U-25

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Kubota U-25 - 100hr Service Pack

This service pack includes all the items you will need to complete the first 100hr service. You will still need to purchase the fluids and lubricants for this service which come in a larger quantity than you will need for a single service.

100hr Service Pack Includes

1 x Oil Filter U-25 / U17-3 (C8036)
1 x Outer Air Filter U-25 / U17-3 (FA8811)
1 x Fuel Filter (FC1206)

You will need to purchase these fluids if you do not have them
Engine Oil 15w40
Coolant Concentrate

Please note, this is an aftermarket service item and although the manufacture of this item is satisfied it will fit and perform as well or better than the equivalent OEM product, it is still an aftermarket service item. Diggermate is not responsibility for potential future warranty claims, which may be denied by the manufacturer of the machines in the instance of a rare engine failure if this product is used when servicing your engine.