EZ17 Excavator Wacker Nueson - Machine Sticker Pack

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Sticker Pack Includes the following:

2 x EZ17 Wacker Nueson - Side Sticker (DMFSTK0027) for 'left (1) and right (2)
1 x EZ17 Wacker Nueson - Machine Wrap (DMFSTK0028) all sides
1 x EZ17 Wacker Nueson - Roof sticker (DMFSTK0029)
1 x EZ17 Wacker Nueson - Small Website sticker (DMFSTK0030)
2 x EZ17 Wacker Neuson - Dipper Arm Stickers Left & Right (DMFSTK0055)
1 x A4 Sticker Instruction


Prices will be updated once sizes are finalized

Exclusive to Diggermate Franchises ONLY

All Wacker Neuson equipment is advertised for the the exclusive distribution to the Diggermate franchise network. For public enquiries of this product please contact your local Wacker Neuson Dealer