Auger Torque Hydraulic Couplers 1/2” ISO/Poppet (1/2” BSP)

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Package Includes

1 x M-BIR12 BSP - ½" Male ISO Poppet Coupling (½" BSP Female Threaded Connection)

1 x F-BIR12 BSP - ½" Female ISO Poppet Coupling (½" BSP Female Threaded Connection)


½" BSP Female Threaded Connection

Flow rate: 15-80 LPM

Operating Temperature: -20 to 100 Degrees

Operating Pressure: Up to 300 bar


Zinc Plated, heat treated carbon steel - Nitrile o ring seals with PTFE backup rings

Positive, quick connection ensured by the snap together locking ball system

When connected the male and female halves can rotate, even under pressure, avoiding stress on hoses

Poppet valves have balanced springs and calibrated oil flow passages to minimize the pressure drop

Poppet valve seals have shockproof protective edges