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Facebook Ads
"These are specific ads built to run during the month and are run in addition to the organic content that the team posts. These ads are specific to your geographic location meaning only people in your territory will view these ads and when the ad is clicked it will direct customers directly to your landing page. This gives your business an opportunity to convert them to a customer and it will also collect there details into container for use in retargetting ads.

Reach ads display content within social media channels and do not have buttons that redirect viewers to another location such as a website. The purpose of these ads is for branding in your specific area and to build the followers on the social media channels so that when organic ads are run more people see it."

SMS Campaign
Sending out SMS campaigns to keep your business top of mind for trades and regular customers can be effective. Your customers will receive SMS from your specific number with a link to your specific site and will be able to reply to you directly.

Email Marketing
Our annual emarketing campaigns are activated to ensure all your past customers are included in a series of emails that they recieve every month from the day that hire from you. You may choose to do additional campaigns to support your business with local specials or any campaigns specific to your territory.

GMB Posts & Optimisation
GMB is our Google Search and Map listing. Posting in your Google My Business profile is as important as social media and can be done in similar ways. There are several elements to keep updated in GMB and our team sets this all up for you during onboarding. From then on you can post in GMB with current photos which last for just 7 days then get automatically removed by GMB. Googles algorithum recognises that and rewards you by showing your GMB listing more often and in better positions when the GMB listing has current content being posted.

Google Ads (Search & Display Ads)
Google Ads are the ads that appear at the top and bottom of the Google search engine once person has searched for a specific item.

Search Engine Optimisation pages are specific pages we build and maintain on our website to target customer in your territory. These pages aren't nessisarily visible to you or your customers they sit in the back end of the website and trigger googles algorithum. Diggermate handles your 5 allocated suburbs during launch but additional pages can be built to target different product in diferent locations. SEO is crucial to ensuring your business stays on the first page of Google in your specific territory.

Promotional Campaign
These are adhoc or on-demand requests for your anniversary specials and other location-specific digital campaigns run in a particular duration. This will include design, paid social media campaign, and email marketing. A report will then be sent after the end of the campaign.

Service Fee
The management fee of Digital Marketing covers labour recovery fees for the marketing team to execute the pay per click service and organic service. It also covers the delivery of reports on a monthly basis, software fees to generate the reports ad execute the activies and research and development of these features to increase ROI and stay infront of the digital marketing trends.