Rock Breaker

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Design Features

Hydraulic Brake:: helping to eliminate blank strokes soundproofing: reduces noise by a special guide and coating plates that completely isolate the breaker from its frame.

Underwater Operation: fully enclosed and equipped for underwater and underground use.

sealing system: minimised oil loss with three seal rings between the cylinder lining bushes and the piston. additional seals between the lining bushes and the cylinder for maximum reduction in leakage.

Low Friction Type Seals:  are used which do not overheat and have a long service life.

dust reducing large wiper seal: keeping the chamber cleaner and helps to keep grease inside the breaker, while also reducing noise levels.

Stroke Variation: variation of the blow frequency and impact energy achieved by monitoring the resistance of the material offers maximum efficiency and ultra-high productivity.

Energy Recovery: piston recoil energy, drives some of the oil already used is directed back to the pressure chamber to be spent on the next stroke, increasing productivity and power without drawing additional energy from your machine.

Double Damping System: shock absorbers positioned above and below the frame avoid transmitting micro vibrations to the excavator's arm.

Piston Design: a long stepped section piston delivers a powerful impact and highest productivity.