Rugged 4G Machine Tracker

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Exclusive to Diggermate Franchises ONLY

Diggermate offers one, centralised GPS tracking platform. Our team will arrange the delivery and set up of your GPS tracker in our system including GEO fences for your location, arrival, and departure, notifications, and after-hours movement alerts. 

You will need to arrange your own installation; this can be easily done through a mobile auto electrician following the instructions found on the Diggermate Knowledgebase. 


Our trackers are powered by the equipment but also have a backup battery in case your GPS power has been tampered with. 


The price of the unit includes the cost of the set, configuration, and activation inside the Diggermate platform (Valued at $80). This price does not include the installation of the unit into your excavator or other machines.




Simple Cloud-based Monitoring

  • Track an unlimited number of vehicles, equipment, and people in one interface.
  • The platform is hardware agnostic. We have the capability to source specialised tracking devices and link them to the platform with ease.

24/7 Real-time Tracking

  • See the current location of all vehicles/devices on the account.
  • Display speed and heading if the vehicle/device is moving and also show if the ignition is on or off for a vehicle.
  • See how long a vehicle/device has been stopped.
  • Remotely monitor battery levels and temperature sensors in vehicles and equipment.

Journey History

  • Shows every journey your vehicles/devices have ever made. See when a trip started and ended, what the maximum and average speeds were, the travel time, and the distance traveled.

  • An individual journey or a whole day’s journey can be viewed by selecting a specific vehicle/device. The history is displayed using TruePath Tracking overlaid on Google Maps, showing the route taken by the selected vehicle/device and the speeds traveled.


  • Set up a virtual perimeter around locations that you want to track vehicle/device entry and exit. This could be a home base, customer or supplier site, or even a township.
  • Setup real-time alerts for vehicle/device entry or exit to a site.
  • Generate “time on site” based reports using geofences.

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Reports can be run on-demand or scheduled to be run automatically and emailed directly to you.
  • All reports can be produced in PDF or CSV format for drilling down into details and further analysis.


Run reports on vehicle usage to see valuable information such as:

  • Daily Activity
  • Time On Site, Time To Site
  • Mileage
  • Stops
  • Incidents, and more

Vehicle/Device Grouping

  • Allows for ease of tracking and reporting on a subset of vehicles/devices.
  • Can be used for vehicles/devices operating from a certain location or within a certain department.
  • Vehicles/devices can be allocated to more than one group.
  • Real-time alerts
  • Receive email and smartphone push alerts to let a user know what’s happening with their fleet.
  • The types of alerts that can be set up are: vehicle battery low, service reminders, device battery low, accident, exceeding preset speed, vehicle alarm activation and enter/exit a defined location.

Google Maps Features

  • Have access to the same features that you would with native Google Maps—terrain, satellite, and street view.

Systems Users & Permissions

  • Create multiple uses with permissions to suit their role.
  • Assign only the vehicles each user needs to view.


Exclusive to Diggermate Franchises ONLY