Super 7 4G - Trailer Tracker

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Exclusive to Diggermate Franchises ONLY


Our trailer GPS runs from long battery life and is easily installed to the trailer with four bolts. This system will not give real-time monitoring but will ping every hour this is why our batteries aren't lasting; this allows it to be trackable in the event that it’s stolen. This maintains battery life for up to 12 months.

Diggermate offers one, centralised GPS tracking platform. Our team will arrange the delivery and set up of your GPS tracker in our system including GEO fences for your location, arrival, and departure, notifications, and after-hours movement alerts.

You will need to arrange your own installation; this can be easily done through a mobile auto electrician following the instructions found on the Diggermate Knowledgebase. 

Our trackers are powered by the equipment but also have a backup battery in case your GPS power has been tampered with. 

The price includes:

  • Set up, configuration, and activation inside the Diggermate platform (Valued $80).

Not included:


  • The installation of the unit onto your trailer.
  • AA Lithium Batteries